Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Reading List

You might wonder how I could possibly have time to read between school, work, blogging, church, husband and family. Well, I really don't! That's why my list isn't long. My goal is to read a chapter-ish every night before I go to sleep - it helps me to relax and sleep better.

1. The Green Book

This is first on my list because it's the one I've already started reading. My mother bought be this book from Kohl's (thanks mom!) - this was at the start of my "green" makeover. It has all kinds of tips on how to create less waste, use less energy and save some green (the best green of all - money!).

2. Eat This Not That For Kids

You might be wondering why I got the kids version...I was actually wondering that myself! I accidentally purchased it at Half-Price Books for $9.98 - but I'm glad I didn't return it. I've only skimmed through it and can tell it's not just for kids - I mean come on, we adults like to eat ice cream too! When I'm finished I'll recycle it back to Half-Price, get barely anything for it and let them sell it for another $10 or actually I could put it up on Amazon! My favorite place to buy books.

3. Nikon D3000 For Dummies
Yep, I'm a dummy! I want to read this book so I can learn how to better use our new-fangeld camera! I want to improve my photography skills and take better pictures! I've said it before, the Nikon pretty much does everything itself, but I want to do better!

4. Baby Proof by Emily Giffin
This one is my leisure book. I have read her first two books, Something Borrowed and Something Blue, but I have not read this one. My sister has read all of her books - I think there's 5, but don't quote me on that - and she really liked them. I don't have the book but I plan to purchase it from Half-Price or the ever faithful Amazon. Or if I really don't want to buy it, I'll get it from the library - but some day I hope to have one, maybe once we finish the basement, but that's a story for another day.

Welp, that's my list! Do you all have any suggestions of good books to read? I would love to hear! I hope you all have an awesome Father's Day weekend and relax some. We'll see if I have any time to do the latter...

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  1. Just came over from Cait's blog! I'm glad I did! I am in love with "Eat This Not That" and think I might go on the hunt for that green book! :) Cute blog!!