Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Back!

Did ya miss me?

I wish I could say I've been on a fabulous vacation, but sadly that is not the case for me. Here's what I've been up to:

  1. School: My two summer classes have been keeping me busy. Thanks goodness I only have one class left and then a 3 week break before my final set of classes! Then, student teaching in the spring! Yay! 
  2. Job: So you all might know that I'm not a fan of my current job. I'll leave it at that. So after much deliberation and budgeting we've decided that I can quit my job and start subbing when school starts. That means I've been working my booty off to get job applications into all the surrounding counties and a couple private schools nearby. I won't be able to start some until September including the county I live in, which stinks but there are a couple I will be on the list for as soon as school starts, so that's a relief. The only thing keeping my at my job now is my husband...he won't let me put in my two weeks yet, not really sure why...but I'm still working on him. I am ready to be done!
  3. Home: A hose to our dishwasher is big time! So I am not allowed to use it and am forced to use my blog time to wash our dishes. You might not think that's a lot of dishes, but it is! I cook every night, like really cook not just warm up food or leftovers and we all know how much it takes to cook food. Pots, utensils, cups, plates, bowls, etc. Yeah, I'm seriously considering ordering in every night. 
In other news, I found an cool no-sew tote that I am going to try to make. It's meant to be used for groceries. I just need to get the fabric! I'll share all the details when I get around to making it. Which will hopefully be next week.

I'm going to leave you with this picture of my sweet, little niece. Have a great weekend ya'll!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To Be Organic or Not To Be, That is the Question...

The big "thing" now is to be "green". A lot of people are switching to organic and natural products. I am quite interested in this movement and have done lots of research on it.

It all started during my undergrad when I had to write a paper on a topic of my choosing. It had to do something with consumers and the products we buy. I chose to research BPA in plastics. Wow. When I first started researching I found a lot of stuff that said the amount of BPA that leaches out into your food is insignificant...but then I hit the jackpot and found research linking BPA to cancer and other diseases. No thanks! I'd rather not risk my life and switch to BPA free plastics and glass containers.

I was like a little kid testing out the water with my toes, but the water wasn't warm enough for me yet. I still wasn't convinced that organic was what I needed to be eating and that my "footprint" actually mattered. I was actually one of those people who thought it was silly to be green and natural. I wasn't about to give up the things I was comfortable with.

It wasn't until I watched the documentary Food Inc. that the water was warm enough for me to jump in! I would highly suggest you watch this film. It's about how animals are treated prior to being cooked in our kitchens. Now, I'm not a member of PETA or anything but I don't think animals should be treated poorly just because they are going to end up as food. And I believe that those farmers who are doing the right thing (in my eyes) should be people I support.

In the weeks following I did a lot of research on organic foods and how to be green. Now, I'm no expert but I know if I have any questions I can easily look something up on the internet.

My plan is to move towards becoming 100% organic and be at that point when my husband and I have children. Okay, okay, that's a huge task in such little time (I'm thinking a couple years) I know! I'm not sure if we'll be 100% organic but I'm going to be very critical about what we eat - especially our children.

Here's the plan:
  1. Antibiotic and hormone free meats
  2. USDA organic foods when available
  3. Farmer's Market during that season
  4. Cage free/free range, USDA Organic eggs
  5. 100% whole wheat grains
There are so many things I could put on this list but for now, those are the top five.

I'm working on starting a page to track my progress at fulfilling my big goal. So be on the look-out for that!

Does anyone have any ideas on things I could do/change? I have so many ideas in my head it's hard to remember them all and actually put them into practice. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Have a great rest of the week. I might not be around until Monday - in a wedding Friday! Peace out!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Picture of the Week

I've been going to our local farmer's market and love it. (More on that in another post)

Enjoy this eye candy because I'm going to enjoy eating this (everything except the flowers of course)!

Monday, July 5, 2010

White Out

A while back my husband and I were furniture shopping (bedroom and dining room) and we happened upon a sale at one of the stores. And no, it wasn't a furniture sale (that would have been nice). They were selling their old decorations - you know the things they use to make the sets look more homey - everything was 75% off! It was every girls dream.

We got about 13 items for $27. They even gave us a couple items for free because they needed to get rid of it. Here's a rundown of what we purchased:

  • 4 tall vases - 2 came with flowers and they are supposed to charge for those but the guy gave them to us for free (I like how that sounds coming out of my mouth!)
  • 3 clocks (I don't what it is but suddenly we have a thing for vintage clocks - I say vintage because it sounds cooler)
  • 3 square picture frames
  • 1 candle
  • 1 candle holder
  • 1 short and stout red vase thingy (probably my favorite thing we purchased)

Most of these things we will keep as-is. But some of them, the 3 matching vases and 3 matching frames, are getting a much needed makeover! 

Here's the picture of the vases, up close and personal before their makeover.

Yes, they are ugly. But I saw their potential and wanted to give them a new life! And that's exactly what I did. 

It was so easy to give them a make over my 3 year-old nephew could have done it (or a caveman). I laid out an old drop cloth - my husband works construction so we have plenty laying around - on our driveway and grabbed a can of white gloss spray pain that I already had on hand and got to it! I got the spray paint from Walmart for $1? I can't remember exactly how much, I just know it was cheap.

I didn't do anything to "prep" the vases, just spayed 3 coats of spray paint - over the course of several days - and let it dry in-between coats. This was probably the easiest thing I've spray painted! Here are my pretty vases, fresh from their makeover.

I love them! I like them here by the fireplace but since it's kinda crowded over there with the TV I moved them here, until we mount the TV above the fireplace.

I love how the white can totally transform just about anything! I have more white-out transformations coming - I'm still working on the trim but now I'll have my husband to help me!

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day. I'm enjoying my day off - haven't had one in a long time! I'm so thankful we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pomegranate Lemonade

You know how I gave up Coke? I gave that up only to succumb to a new addiction (or two)...

My favorite new drinks are:

  1. Peach tea (I strongly dislike the taste of plain tea - it taste like leaves)
  2. Cranberry Grape Juice
  3. And.....Pomegranate Lemonade!
There it is in all its' pom-lemony goodness. I use Countytime lemonade (yellow) and Pom Pomegranate-Blueberry Juice. I know, I know, that stuff is expensive but a little goes a long way. I probably used two tablespoons-ish to make this glass and this is what I would like to call perfection.

That's what I've been sipping on lately, but now a paint update....Our trim was brown and little did I know how many coats of white semi-gloss trim paint it would take. I think on Monday I had talked about doing all the trim in the whole house, and today I'm thinking I'll be lucky if I get the living room. Ugh...I guess my husband will be finishing his surprise!