Monday, July 5, 2010

White Out

A while back my husband and I were furniture shopping (bedroom and dining room) and we happened upon a sale at one of the stores. And no, it wasn't a furniture sale (that would have been nice). They were selling their old decorations - you know the things they use to make the sets look more homey - everything was 75% off! It was every girls dream.

We got about 13 items for $27. They even gave us a couple items for free because they needed to get rid of it. Here's a rundown of what we purchased:

  • 4 tall vases - 2 came with flowers and they are supposed to charge for those but the guy gave them to us for free (I like how that sounds coming out of my mouth!)
  • 3 clocks (I don't what it is but suddenly we have a thing for vintage clocks - I say vintage because it sounds cooler)
  • 3 square picture frames
  • 1 candle
  • 1 candle holder
  • 1 short and stout red vase thingy (probably my favorite thing we purchased)

Most of these things we will keep as-is. But some of them, the 3 matching vases and 3 matching frames, are getting a much needed makeover! 

Here's the picture of the vases, up close and personal before their makeover.

Yes, they are ugly. But I saw their potential and wanted to give them a new life! And that's exactly what I did. 

It was so easy to give them a make over my 3 year-old nephew could have done it (or a caveman). I laid out an old drop cloth - my husband works construction so we have plenty laying around - on our driveway and grabbed a can of white gloss spray pain that I already had on hand and got to it! I got the spray paint from Walmart for $1? I can't remember exactly how much, I just know it was cheap.

I didn't do anything to "prep" the vases, just spayed 3 coats of spray paint - over the course of several days - and let it dry in-between coats. This was probably the easiest thing I've spray painted! Here are my pretty vases, fresh from their makeover.

I love them! I like them here by the fireplace but since it's kinda crowded over there with the TV I moved them here, until we mount the TV above the fireplace.

I love how the white can totally transform just about anything! I have more white-out transformations coming - I'm still working on the trim but now I'll have my husband to help me!

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day. I'm enjoying my day off - haven't had one in a long time! I'm so thankful we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave!


  1. I know! Never be without a can of black OR white spray paint I always say! Love how these came out. Sounds like you had quite a score :-)