Monday, June 28, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

[one] I had a great time Saturday at my friends lingerie shower and bachelorette party. Granted, I was really stressed out before hand (I hosted both) I think everything turned out well and my friend had a great time.We had the shower at my house - it was a good idea on my part because it forced me to clean our house. And then went out to Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, Artist in You (a pottery painting place) and Starbucks for the bachelorette party - yeah we're really low-key. Then, we stayed up until midnight chatting and catching up. It was a great night!

[two] While at work today, around 9am (I remember because I was thinking...ugh, I still have 6 more hours of work...) I seriously thought I was going to fall asleep right then and there. I was doing a lot of data entry to prepare our e-mail newsletters for distribution to boring...and it was making me so tired! It probably doesn't help that I went to bed late on Saturday, got up early on Sunday and couldn't sleep last night. I usually chew gum to keep me awake but I didn't have any so I had a mint. It helped a little but there were moments where I thought my eyes would not stay open! I think if I were allowed to listen to music, that would help me stay awake, but nope, can't do that! Anywhoo, looking back on it, it's kinda funny. Does that happen to anyone else or am I the only one? It's okay if I am.

[three] You may have noticed I watermarked all of my's because of two posts I read: one warning people not to take her photos because she didn't watermark them and the other venting about the fact that someone took their photos and passed them off as their own...these were pregnancy, birth and baby photos - that person is messed up! All the photos on my site - unless credited - are my own personal photos - ones that I, as an amateur photographer, have taken. I totally don't mind if you use them for backgrounds on your computer or whatever - it would be creepy if you used one of me though...- but PLEASE don't try to pass them off as your own. I only have 5 followers as of today and I'm not worried about you all, just those that I might not know that have seen this blog.

[four] Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is? Well, he's just great! I've been pretty stressed out the last couple weeks with school and work. I'm always stressed at work...I was seriously considering cutting down to 30 hours a week for this coming semester [my last] because everyone says it's the hardest! Let's just say Chad did not like that idea so he mentioned something about a massage - I have been complaining that my upper back has been hurting - well I took him up on it. I am scheduled for a 60 minute massage today at 3:30pm. I can't wait! I've only had one other massage and it was nice. I'm hoping they can get all the tension out of my back. (Kristin, I guess that's my treat for finishing that stinky paper!)

[five] I just discovered Pandora's awesome. If you haven't checked it out you should.

[six] I've started a little surprise project for my husband while he is gone. It consists of painting all the trim and door frames in our house. I will definitely post before and after pictures. I can't wait to be rid of all our ugly BROWN trim - yes ladies, brown. Oh and there's glitter on the ceiling in our living room and bedroom...I have no idea what the previous owners were thinking!

Well that's all for today. I'm off to massage land, later!


  1. Hey Cheri! That sounds like a WONDERFUL reward! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your massage - I'm a bit jealous ;-). I'm sure you're really glad to be through with that paper too, huh? Glad to hear that your parties went well. You're right: entertaining IS a wonderful excuse to get the house all clean and sparkly - no pun intended w/ your ceiling in mind lol! Oh, and, yes, I do have those "my eyes WILL NOT stay open" moments. Like right now. I totally should be in bed b/c I didn't sleep very soundly last night, and was out grocery shopping at 6am! Talk to ya later...

  2. Woohoo a massage! That is so sweet of your hubby! My hubby called me from work tonight and told me how grateful he is for everything I do..awwww..always good to hear that! Can't wait to see the before and after pictures of your trim and door frames after you finish painting them..sounds like its gonna look great!

  3. Cheri! You go girl on all that trim! That's awesome...what a tough job. Can't wait to see the after in real life! :) A amazing is that?! You do have a great hubby! Glad the shower went well...I'm sure it was great! well when you start teaching...those sleepy moments just don't that's something to look foward too. even when pure exhaustion takes place...which it frequently're running on pure adrenaline! :)