Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pictures of the Week

Here are some pictures I took from our anniversary trip.

so that's what the 3rd cup holder is for!

on the way to the cabin

our cabin "Hidden Falls"

the hidden falls


the lake



my husband and I

 neat/scary/super small tunnel

Good thing we knew where we were because Garmin didn't!

Now I'm off to finish a paper!


  1. Great pictures! Where did you guys go? It looks beautiful!

  2. love your pictures! that one of the lake is especially beautiful! look at you getting all fancy and water marking your photos...so smart!

  3. I did it after Carissa from lowercaseletters mentioned something about not stealing her photos and it never occurred to me that someone could take them...and I don't want any of my photos floating around, especially the ones I took myself!

  4. Hey Cheri! Looks like you had a wonderful trip....so relaxing and scenic. I did look it up, and it's a little further than we want to go for anniversary, but it's on my radar now, and maybe we'll do it on another trip when we have more time...Enjoyed your miscellanies from yesterday btw! Yeah, everybody I know seems to be pregnant too - kind of a bummer for me, b/c I'm child-free (and lovin' it) and whenever my friends have kids that means they're no longer free to have fun w/ me :-) How's that for selfish!? But I AM happy for them if that's what they've been dreaming of.- We love bison burgers too. Aren't they delish?? My hubby actually asked for them for his b-day dinner this year! I love that they're so healthy for you too.- Hope you stay afloat in your busy week! Happy Tuesday to you...

  5. Love your pictures..looks like a great place to relax for sure! I just love getting away to the mountains..nothing beats the serenity and the mountain air! Guess thats the WV girl coming out in me though! Glad you had a nice trip!