Thursday, June 17, 2010

Peanut Butter Jelly!

I'm on a health kick right now, you probably already knew that from my days without Coke tracker. Well, technically I'm just changing a few things - I can get rid of Coke but I refuse to give up my candy!

One thing I am changing is my peanut butter...

Let me start by saying I love peanut butter! I could eat it everyday on just about anything! I don't know what I would do if I found out I was allergic to it.

My concern is all the ingredients in regular jar of peanut butter? There's too many if you ask me.

I didn't just decide to look on my own. I was actually browsing the Whole Foods website to see if their 365 brand was organic and someone had commented that it had too many ingredients. At that time I was like, come on, really? But now I have a totally different point of view.  If you think about it, shouldn't peanut butter be peanuts only?

Here's the list of ingredients from an unnamed brand of peanut butter:

  1. Roasted peanuts {the good stuff}
  2. Sugar {good ole sugar}
  3. Molasses - this and the rest have 2% or less {more sugar?!}
  4. Fully hydrogenated vegetable oils (rapseed and soybean) {hydrogenated? why}
  5. Mono & Diglycerides {what the heck is that?}
  6. Salt {just what we need, more salt!}
Here's the ingredients from the new peanut butter I've been buying:
  1. Dry roasted peanuts {now that's what I'm taking about}
I've been shopping at The Fresh Market down the road from my work and they have the coolest machine! Yes, I know I'm weird for getting excited about this but I can't help it. I blame my parents. Just kidding. Anyways, it's a machine that makes FRESH peanut butter right there in front of your very own eyes! How cool is that! I didn't think there was such a thing that us consumers could purchase! I guess you learn something new everyday! And just to let you know I added this to my wish list on


This is kinda what it looks like - just the one at The Fresh Market looks more industrial. What you do is take one of their round, plastic containers and hold it under the spout. You hit the start button and it grinds up the peanuts from the top and makes a peanut-buttery-goodness goop. It costs $2.99 a pound and they also have almond and cashew butter - the almond is $7.99 a pound and the cashew is $4.99 a pound (don't quote me on that though)

You may wonder what it tastes like. Well just remember the last time you ate some plain peanuts and that's what it tastes like. Chewed up peanuts - sorry for the gross way of putting it but sometimes that is just how my brain works. I think the biggest taste difference is that it's unsweetened.

And because I didn't think the plastic packaging would keep my peanut butter well enough - I have this thing about eating bad food, I'm scared I'll eat some bad food and be sick for a week - I put it in a ball jar that I actually got from my best friends wedding. I like putting free things to good use!

 (please excuse the unclean rim...that's a little embarrassing)

Let, me tell you something...if I like a product or am really interested in something, I could talk your ear off about it - you'll learn that about me!


  1. love this post! you are so right about the ingedients...I have just recently gotten into looking at the long list and putting it back on the shelf if there are things I have no idea what they are. The natural peanut butter I bought last time (first time I have) still has extra ingredients...not many...but extra. I'll have to check out a different kind.

    ps. LOVE your blog...just thought you should know again. your voice comes out in your the humor you add! :)

  2. Love this! This is so sister is a nutritionist and showed me a video about how awful regular peanut butter is for you!