Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Humble Abode Tour - Kitchen

We bought our house 6 months after we got married. We lived in a rental house until then. We love our house! It has so much potential. We feel so blessed to have found it when we did and to be able to get out of our lease on the rental.

We've been so busy with work and school that we didn't start any renovations until we'd been in the house for 1 year! Actually my husband and his brother did take out a second door to our master bedroom - it was right in the middle of our living room! But other than that, nothing big.

I have a lot of pictures of our house before we even moved in - before we even bought it. I guess these could be considered our "before" pictures with all the painting going on.

The set-up of our house is different than what we were used to - usually you walk right into the living room but in this house on the right is the kitchen and then the left is the office, pantry, bathroom and guest bedroom. I love that we have so much counter space and cabinets! I also like how open the space is and the window that over looks the living room - I know that will be especially beneficial to us when we have children, right now I use it to watch television while washing the dishes...whatever gets the job done right?!

We're not big fans of the cream cabinets that exactly match the wall paint. They had a brown and cream color platte going in this house...not very attractive! We plan to paint them white but keep the brushed bronze knobs and faucets. We will keep the counter top as long as possible but plan to remove the current backsplash and replace it with tile. As far as paint goes we've chosen a peachy color and will accent with green.

Stay tuned...

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  1. your kitchen counterspace is fabulous!! :)