Monday, June 13, 2011

Anniversary Week: How we met

Our 2nd anniversary is coming up on June 20th. And to celebrate I wanted to share our story.

First up, is how we met.

My husband and I met our Sophomore year of high school. I started attending Youth events at the church he went to. I was actually dating someone else at that time and Chad likes to tell everyone that he stole me. haha. He definitely won me over with his humor and personality.

(a picture of us on our first date also the very first picture of us together, ever)

We were friends for a while and didn't officially start dating until April of our Senior year. For months I had been hoping he would ask me out and when he finally did I was on Cloud 9. Our first date was to a big fireworks show on the river where we live. It was so cold that night but we had fun. He asked me to be his girlfriend, under the stars on the 4th of July.

 (my Senior prom)

(my High School graduation)

After 3 months of dating I knew that he was the man I would marry. I remember the exact moment. We were sitting in his truck and he told me he wanted to play me a song by a group I had never heard of. He played me, "Stars Would Fall" by Monk & Neagle, and I about melted right there in his truck. I couldn't stop smiling (if you've never heard the song, preview it on iTunes). We both graduated that year and were headed to college in the fall.

(move in day our freshman year)

Fast forward a few years...we had just finished our spring semester of our Junior year in college. At this point we had been together for 3 years and I was getting a little impatient about getting engaged! Remember, I've known he was who I would marry since month 3 of dating, so it was incredibly hard to wait so long!

(getting ready for a date)

We knew we wanted to get married next summer after Chad finished school (2009) - I was set to finish a semester before. Chad told me that he needed to sell a dirt bike so he could have some money to buy me a ring and I was like okay, that sounds reasonable...looking back he totally had me fooled!

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  1. haha...he had us fooled too! so glad it happened when it did, though!

    loved reading this even though I knew most of it! yay for God putting you two together!